About Us

  • A team of educators committed to the individual needs of students

  • A full service education agency

Who We Are

  • Homeschool Lab- Time and days depend on location. Allows students to study and work on homeschool curriculum in a safe environment.

  • Enrichment Classes & Camps- A variety of classes including Culinary Creativity, Minecraft Mash-up, Spanish Conversation, Math Lab, and more!! We understand parents need to work and offer summer/holiday camps!

  • Clubs & Events- Clubs are FREE option for students to engage in similar interests and to learn in a peer led environment. We love to have fun and events are the way to go! From Baking Birthdays to Parent's Night out, check out what we have at our different locations!

  • Customized Tutoring- Support is provided to students with a personalized plan and tutor. We provide services anywhere from preschool to college aged students!

  • Training- We are all about supporting fellow educators and also supplementing at-home learning with unique preschool support!

What We Offer

  • We have locations in Old Town Spring, Klein and Cypress 

  • We service students anywhere an internet connection is available via virtual support

  • We work with your schedule

  • Check out our times on class listings

  • We believe in advocating for student needs,

  • Accelerating student learning, and

  • Educating the whole child

Where, When & Why

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 

Nelson Mandela

Professional Development Offerings

The Tailored Teacher provides a variety of professional development opportunities for public, private, and charter schools.  We can support teachers working with students ages prekindergarten to high school.  Below are some of the professional developments that we offer.


- Initial Assessments for Individual Student Progress 
- Creating Customized Learning Plans 
- Ongoing Data Tracking for Maximized Student Growth 
- Re-evaluating and Adjusting Customized Plans
- Hands-On Science Integration through Interdisciplinary Skills  
- Teaching History through Writing 
- Building Reading Skills in the Struggling Reader


For our professional development, we can support via:

- After school training

- Half day trainings

- Full day trainings

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