Meet The Team




:Insert a big wave: Lindsayann, owner and excited person that is so grateful to bring love and learning to any and all children. I advocate and I refuse to let a kid feel unsupported. I get pretty geeky about reading development too. Mrs. Frizzle is my hero and leggings are a must. I've been doing the things for over a decade and started this business to bring into fruition the passion and care and expertise so many kiddos need.

Ms. Kat

Education Coordinator

Hi, My name is Kat. Not because i like cats. Although I do. I come from a long line of educators. Math is my jam. My language of teaching is about unmasking, trust-based development, and finding the joy and laughter in process over product. I love what I do and if I can aid others in finding confidence, a community, and care I will. But I'll do so with an odd accent and probably in song form.




Spanish, Reading, Writing, Ged Prep

Hola I'm Bella! Looking for me? Likely in the library. I'm here to bring comfort food, support, and probably some Alanis Morrisette music. I'm the encouraging mom vibe of the room. Hugs!


Lead Teacher

Dyslexia Specialist

Hey there, Sheree here and I care. Language arts, Lisa frank, and crime podcasts are what I'm about. Nobody got time for children feeling alone or the words "I cant." I have been in the teaching game for over 8 years but I'm a renaissance woman and dabble in midwifery and emergency medicine so if you need a band-aid, a baby, or writing support, I got you.

Ms. Rae

Curriculum Coordinator

Creative Writing,

Language Arts, Reading

Oh hi! I'm Rae, I'm here to bring the rebel 90s kid energy to the team plus a cherry on top. I believe every person has a story to tell and i love helping them unlock it. I see writing as a way to guide journeys, guide youth, guide education. If there is an Asian snack nearby I'm sure to grab it but ill share so no worries

Ms. Alexis

Art, Special Education

Whats up its alexis. Catch me with a different hair color depending on my mood. Catch me caring for those special babies. The expectation is that you show up and i got you from there. Catch me teaching youths the power of A-R-T. salt and pepper? sarcasm and spice? Whatever, Either is nice.