Meet The Team




:Insert a big wave: Lindsayann, owner and excited person that is so grateful to bring love and learning to any and all children. I advocate and I refuse to let a kid feel unsupported. I get pretty geeky about reading development too. Mrs. Frizzle is my hero and leggings are a must. I've been doing the things for over a decade and started this business to bring into fruition the passion and care and expertise so many kiddos need.


Ms. Kat

Education Coordinator

Hi, My name is Kat. Not because i like cats. Although I do. I come from a long line of educators. Math is my jam. My language of teaching is about unmasking, trust-based development, and finding the joy and laughter in process over product. I love what I do and if I can aid others in finding confidence, a community, and care I will. But I'll do so with an odd accent and probably in song form.